The Bagamoyo Sculptural Arts School Trust vision is to:
  • Identify talented artists in sculpture and related arts from the local community
  • Assist young artists in developing professional artistic products
  • Develop the use of various new techniques and styles in sculpture
  • Enable artists to engage in self-employment
  • Promote cultural co-operation between Tanzania and other countries

Mission Statement
The Bagamoyo Sculptural Arts School Trust mission is to:
  • Train students in various art subjects such as drawing, wood carving, clay sculpting, and painting
  • Assist students in marketing and exhibiting their artwork
  • Expose local students to instruction in the English language and entrepreneurship
  • Partner with international students to exchange ideas about art, culture, and education
  • Maintain a working relationship with school alumni
  • Develop new techniques in order to remain current in the growing field of art